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Selected Projects
& Design, Inc.
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Established in 1991
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Westgate Plaza (TOP)   Grove East (Below), Plantation Florida
(Master Site Plan Alteration, Shopping Center Facade, New Out-parcel, Dunkin Donuts)
LEFT - Original center shown with green screening canvas parapet to hide roof top equipment.
Right - shows the recent renovation of the 116,000 sq. ft. community shopping center facade.  Along with the facade alteration was the entire Master Site Plan alteration that included a new retail out-parcel building shown below.
The center is located on the north-west corner of State Road 441 and Broward Boulevard and it's facade design is per the City of Plantation 'Tropical Design Guidelines'.
Grove East, Plantation Florida
(Perimeter Mixed Use Residential over Retail Project)
Grove East is an Mixed use Development project constructed on the south-east corner of State Road 441 and Broward Boulevard in Plantation.  The central areas of the project consist of conventional three story apartment buildings.  Our assistance with the Project was the design of the perimeter mixed use structures consisting of Residential units over grade level retail.  This project is designed following the City's Tropical Design Guidelines and located in the City's CRA. 
Left - Corner Tower Feature
Below - renderings of the complex along Broward Boulevard which turns into the complex along a featured boulevard.
Lauderdale Marketplace, Lauderdale Lakes Florida
(Proposed facade alterations - Old Town Center)
TOP - Existing Center with light green monolithic colors & liner structure, slightly raised round entry features with darker green color.
BOTTOM - Proposed alteration with Mediterranean features of elevated stepping round corner elements and arched application along with an infill of interior parapet tops with raised  arched banding and surface applied applications.  Finished with contracting brown colors